The game will be developed on a game board called GameBoard.

Participants in the game are called Bazzer. The slots “BAZZARE" they will be in total 55. You will advance one slot per day.

Each slot must complete a "mission" social (like su post Instagram, comments and follow profiles, visualize and evaluate web pages, send video, participate in new social networks, invite friends).

For each activity the Bazzer accumulate bonus in the form of credits (B-Token) and will have no obligation to carry out all activities. In the case you decide to proceed to the next slot senza complete the mission request, It will be applied a malus.
The Game Board provides the Bazzer for the six activities and social web 270 B-Token (equivalent to approximately 2.700 follower).

Through the Loyalty Program section of the Bazzer may decide to recommend to other uses of the growth of social services Bazz and get more B-Token which can be redeemed for products or gift cards spent on site (continuously updated).

You can read about the slider below.